Cybersecurity Incident Response Services

Incident Response

In today’s digital ecosystem, no business is immune from a potential cyberattack.

Cyberthreats are evolving rapidly, increasing in frequency, complexity, and intensity. Hacked systems, breached networks, crashed websites, denial of service, stolen credentials, and other cyber incidents have become common.

It’s no longer a question of if your organization will experience an attack. It’s a question of when.

This is where Cyber Incidence Response (CIR) comes to the fore! To quickly mitigate the damage and enable business continuity. However, developing and maintaining in-house CIR capability can be time-consuming, resource-intensive, and complicated. That’s where ShieldX Security can help.

ShieldX’ Cyber Incident Response Services and Solutions help your organization develop processes and strategies to respond quickly during an incident. Our industry-specific experience and technology assets enable you to be confident that you have the capability and support to deal with any incident effectively and efficiently.

How to Develop a Successful Incidence Response Plan?

Developing an IR plan involves a 6-step framework as follows:


Define an organization-level security policy, what qualifies as a security incident, and a step-by-step guide on how to handle an incident.


Define what criteria, specific kind of security issue, or a cumulative set of circumstances trigger the IR plan.


Stop the threat from spreading and doing further damage by implementing short-term or long-term containment processes


Establish a process to restore all the compromised systems and update the defense system to prevent the same security incident from occurring again.


Determine a strategy to bring all systems back into full production.


Review the documentation of the incident and update the IR plan based on the feedback.

Our Capabilities

When it comes to cyber incident response services, Shiedlx Security understands the broad set of capabilities enterprises need to enable end-to-end protection, from preparation to recovery. Our broad spectrum of Cyber Incident Response services enables your organization to access multiple specialist capabilities to help you before, during, and after an incident. These services include, but not limited to:

The Benefits of Incidence Response

A robust cyber incidence response capability has become a business imperative for organizations that seek to build a secure, vigilant, and resilient landscape. A reliable CIR plan can help your organization:

  • Quickly understand the nature of an incident – To help address and answer the questions regarding the attack
  • Reduce the costs associated with a data breach – In terms of the cost of time, resources, and brand reputation
  • Introduce robust management and controls – To strengthen your IT and business processes, enabling focus on core activities that deliver value for the organization.


Shieldx Security company have highly skilled experts with decades of experience in leading-edge incident management, forensics, and security intelligence. We provide 24/7 remote and on-site IR assistance to rapidly contain and eradicate threats and limit the impact of the attack.